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Unique is a beautiful country with many bodies of water, rivers, and greenery. It seems that most of their cities include many inner parks. This gives the illusion of
having a “country-city”. In most places, Australia is like this. You’ll experience long roads that seem to lead to nowhere while other roads are filled with tall buildings, plenty of parks, and even fun events if you want to stop by and check it out.

Now, in order to explore all of these lovely places – you’ll need to use a car hire company in Australia. Car hire in the Gold Coast is a great starting point. By doing this, you won’t have to rely on a taxi. If you plan on going to many places, you could easily spend over $200 during the day. However, a more affordable method would be to rent a car. Most car rental companies will charge anything from $35 a day to $99 so this will obviously be a less expensive route of touring the city. Also, the prices really depend on the vehicle you are using. If you just need a car that works and is 5 or 8 years old, you’ll be paying the lowest possible price. Some travelers have large families and prefer to use a van which is usually a bit pricey, especially considering that you need to bring the van back with a full tank of

To use a car hire company, we recommend going close as possible to the airport. If the airport is too crowded, you can always get a ride to the nearest car hire company in the area. This might even be more convenient so this way you don’t have to wait in line. Make sure you find a company that has good reviews. A vehicle hire company isn’t complete with positive customers to praise them. If there are a few negative reviews, see what it’s all about. Remember that not every client is happy when using services. Some will be incredibly picky when it comes to a car but if this is not you – you’ll be pleased with the service offer. It’s very important that you make sure they are safe and offer a car that is not damaged or too old.

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Visiting any airport can be a challenging experience. It doesn’t matter if you are departing or checking out of the airport. There are many policies and rules you must follow when going through security or bringing your items. To save yourself embarrassment and lost time, you’ll need to know what exactly to expect once you get to the airport. If you are traveling to the Gold Coast Airport, you’ll find that doing simple tasks are easier than what you experienced before. The Gold Coast Airport has their own website and plenty of informational booths where you can ask questions or receive information. If you don’t know where something is or have a specific question – ask one of their employees. Some will go as far as showing you the way or they might give you a map on where you need to be. This can be extremely helpful for tourists who are new to the area, like yourself!car-hire-the-gold-coast-airport

The Gold Coast Airport has over 25 flights daily which means there are a lot of options for you if you need to get back home quickly. If you are just arriving there, you might want to get a small snack. There are a few places open to pick up some coffee and wait around for  your taxi to come. Also, they have reserved areas for people who plan on renting a car. It really depends on what your plans are and where you need to go. The best part about the Gold Coast Airport is that it is a gateway to other different places.  You can easily get to the Coolangatta Bed and Breakfast Hotel or visit The Deck Cafe which is not far from the airport. In the Coolangatta area, you’ll find Marie’s Pizza, Bali Hut (Indonesian restaurant) and Tweed Heads Chinese Restaurant.  To arrange car hire the gold coast airport is well catered for, or do it online before you travel.

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Visiting Surfers Paradise

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Surfers Paradise takes after its own name since this place is a haven for professional surfers. Even the beginners come here to take lessons and get to know the sea. If you enjoy swimming out to sea and waiting for the next wave to balance on – then this is the place for you! Now, you might be someone who isn’t active in sports such as surfing or even volleyball so you may just want to relax in the sun. Pull up a fold out chair and don’t forget to bring some sunscreen. There are many people along the beach who enjoy talking amongst friends and family while getting a tan. You don’t have to be a surfer in order to enjoy Surfers Paradise. This is a place where everyone can play and relax.

Many people refer to Surfers Paradise as the “Glitter Strip” and it looks exactly as it sounds. The beaches are made of white, sparkling sand with light waves touching the land. The skyline is absolutely amazing to watch and every year it draws millions of visitors. If you are a tourist, you will probably wish you were a local within Surfers Paradise. Being able to go here each day takes away stress, promotes a healthy well being and even makes you more active. You can easily arrange surfers paradise car rental online. We encourage you to enjoy Surfers Paradise while you can.

Surfers Paradise Car Rental

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Once you step out of the airport, you will need to know where to go if you want to visit the top tourist attractions. For this, you’ll need transportation first.
You can apply for a rental car or simply go for a taxi. A taxi may be more expensive if you plan on going to places so we suggest renting a car for the week. The top companies for car rental include AVIS, Hertz, and budget. You can rent some cars from $30 up to $100, depending on what your needs are. If you need a van, it is likely to cost you more but at least you won’t have the problem of booking a taxi van or flagging one
Brisbane is known for its many country life adventures and beautiful rivers. The city of Brisbane is abundant with restaurants, nightly entertainment, bars, laneways within the city, and is one of Australia’s top visited cities in the area. You can visit amusement parks or even stroll through some of their finest parks, filled with nature and exotic animals. Arranging a car hire in Brisbane is a great idea with so much to do, you’ll be amazed.
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Brisbane Airport

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At the Brisbane Airport, you’ll find many shops and cafes where you can go for a quick snack. In fact, they even have a few restaurants there if you want to eat a full meal before departing or going to your destination in Australia. Even if you plan on travelling to the city, you can still stay in Brisbane’s hotel airport. There are not many airports in Australia that have hotels very close to them or even in the facility itself. Luckily, you have found the perfect airport for all of your needs!

car-rental-from-brisbane-airportThe Brisbane airport is about twenty minutes away from the city. This airport is also a portal to other destinations that circle the Queensland coast. Do you have a late night or an early flight and want to be fully prepared? Travelers are often late due to a miscommunication issue with the taxi or even something they did like not being able to find a certain item to put in their luggage. These types of issues can make us late and you can avoid this by staying in hotel near or at the Brisbane airport. This will allow you to relax and have a better experience when it comes to leaving the airport. For car rental from brisbane airport you will find it well serviced with most companies offering online booking.

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Surfers Paradise – Things to do

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Surfers Paradise is a wonderful place for night owls who love to take a night out on the town by visiting Orchid Avenue and Cavill Avenue. They have many night clubs located here in Gold Coast. Also, for the day walkers – you’ll be pleased to know that the area is lined up with many cafes in the Cavill Mall. Also, some of the streets around this area are open late such as the pubs and taverns. The best part about being here is that you’ll get to enjoy some of the Irish pubs and bands on some week nights. Arriving at Brisbane Airport? No Problem, book a brisbane airport car rental online before you travel so you can drive the short trip down the motorway to the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Airport Car RentalVisiting the Restaurants
Take a stroll around the town and see what restaurant you’d like to dine in at. A couple of the best restaurants in Surfers Paradise include Beach Club Cafe, Abysynthe, and also the Bavarian Haus. If you are hungry for italian, why not try the Al Fresco Ristorante Italiano. Here you can enjoy soups and pastas. If this is something your’e not interested in, try visiting the New Saigon, Dragonfly or Marmalade place.

Entertainment and Amusement
One place called “Adrenalin Park” has exciting rides like the bungy trampoline, flying coaster, and even the sling. All of these rides will give you an adrenaline rush you’ve never felt before but it is not for those faint of the stomach. Everything is located in the middle of Surfers Paradise which is why tourists enjoy this area so much.

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All About The Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast is filled with beautiful beaches such as Main Beach and many other attractions. When visiting the Gold Coast, you will see different types of beaches, dining areas, and shopping boutiques. Most of the shopping boutiques will have gifts for tourists, decor for the home, and souvenirs related to the culture of Australia. Also, with so many areas for dining, you won’t know what restaurant to pick. They really have that many to choose from!

If you plan on taking your family or friends to the beach, try visiting one of the main beaches. Here they will have a Surf Life Saving Club, a bar where you can purchase delicious snacks or drinks, and a vast parkland to set up for your picnic. Be sure to bring a chest of ice with drinks, your blankets, towels, and some sunscreen! You can easily arrange a cut price gold coast car rental from one of the reputable local companies.

cut-price-gold-coast-car-rentalPlan traveling North of the Main Beach? In the Northern area, we call it “The Spit” which is roughly between the Gold Coast Broadwater area and the sea itself. Many travelers love visiting this area because it has the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Marina Mirage plus the well-known “Sea World” where you can bring your kids.

Do you love to shop? Why not visit some of the lovely boutiques they have. If you prefer quality items, they have plenty of designer boutiques. You can even visit art galleries or museums where you can enjoy the scene and relax, gazing over an array of photos or artwork. In the same area, you can find a few bars or restaurants just in case you get hungry and want to indulge in some savory meals.

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Willowbank Raceway Street Series

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If you are someone who absolutely loves street racing, you will be excited to know that the Willowbank Raceway Street Series is coming on March 2nd. The racing events will be spread apart until October 5th of 2013, so be sure to get your ticket. This is one event you simply can’t afford to miss since it only occurs 5 days out of the whole year. Do yourself a favor and get a ticket before it’s too late! Practically everyone is purchasing tickets now since they’ve heard about the race.

Not only can you watch professional racers take the wheel but if you really want – you can take the wheel for yourself! After you pay the $45 fee for racing your own car, you will soon enjoy that adrenaline rush that comes with racing. Now, if you are someone who doesn’t live on the “dangerous” side and prefers to watch other racers, all you will need to pay is $20 to get in. The best part is that children who are under 13 can come in for free. This makes it great for a family event. That’s right – bring the whole family with you. You might need to find a car among the brisbane hire cars available online to get you to this great event.brisbane-hire-cars

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Mexican restaurants

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Almost everyone loves authentic Mexican cuisines, mainly because of their spicy and mouth watering dishes. If you enjoy eating foods such as red rice, taco de lengua, and arroz con leche – you will definitely enjoy other varieties of foods they have. Most of their food is made from corn, vegetables, and meats. If you are a vegetarian, why not try the “veggie burrito”? Most of the time it includes beans, green salsa, rice, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. You can even add extra queso or otherwise known as “cheese” in your burrito.

All Mexican restaurants are different. This is because they purchase their ingredients from different places. They either purchase them directly from a store or through a supplier. Almost everyone has tried authentic Mexican food and we aren’t talking about Taco Bell. We are discussing the real foods which first came from Mexico. You can book a car rental in brisbane easily online if you are visiting from else where

car-rental-in-brisbaneHave you ever tried a dish called Pico De Gallo? This dish is mildly spicy, with diced tomatoes, avocados, and other ingredients. Most vegetarians love to eat this with salted chips made from corn. If you love drinking something with your meal, you should try some of their signature drinks. Agua de Fresca is a fresh drink which includes watermelon juice, ice, and other fruit juices. The blend is absolutely delicious and if you enjoy fruit drinks – you will definitely like this one. This summer drink is not only healthy, but also is sugar free.

Let’s take a look at one popular Mexican restaurant in Brisbane. Have you ever heard of Silla Maria? This is a Mexican & Latin American restaurant which serves many dishes. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 5pm until late. If you plan on booking 5 people or more, you’ll most likely need a reservation. Besides, on some of the days they are packed. This doesn’t surprise us since they have such delicious and affordable food to taste. The best part of all is that they can cater if you have a special event going on. This exotic restaurant has gluten free dishes, non-spicy and even vegetarian. They actually have a key on the menu to let you know before you try. They have nachos, Salvadorian pupusas, fried bananas, and even tamales. With all the varieties to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong with this restaurant!

Another restaurant that you can visit is a favorite of ours and it’s called “The Burrito Bar”. Although they have not been in business for too long, their burritos are amazing! They serve three different $5 lunch burritos that you can enjoy. There is one dish called “Elote” which is char grilled corn with spicy chipotle mayonnaise. It also has some fresh lime to add an exotic flavor. The chips there are wonderful since they have so many sauces to go with it. There is Pico de Gallo, green salsa, chipotle sauce, and even a cream avocado sauce. Torta Chorizo is one of their specialty foods and has plenty of meat. It’s almost like a Mexican burger that has beans, avocados, and salsa in it. We guarantee that you will love this restaurant and might even come back for more!

Brisbane Lions

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The Brisbane Lions will officially be playing against the Adelaide Crows on April 6th of this year. This will actually be the first home game of the season and many fans are excited to join in on the fun. The game will be held at The Gabba and it starts at 3:40pm. If you want to attend, it is a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time. Besides, most tickets get sold out within a few weeks before the event. Getting your spots before the game starts will save a lot of time and hassle. You certainly won’t make the mistake of buying tickets from shady sellers in front of the gates again. If you are traveling to the game from out of town then your brisbane car hire from the airport can be easily arranged.
Be sure to bring your Brisbane Lions shirts, hats, and other accessories. The team would be nothing without their fans and supporters cheering them on. We love seeing people in the crowd, holding up signs and just kicking back while eating popcorn. Games like this raise money for the players and provide a exceptional entertainment for the family. We all know that Australian Football isn’t anything like Football in the USA. This sport is extremely fast and anything could happen within a few seconds. This is why the crowd is so focused on the game. The Brisbane Lions are extremely fit and can run for a mile without even slowing down. They have been trained with discipline and perseverance. Brisbane Lions certainly hold a place in the hearts of fans who attend on a yearly basis or for those who go to every single game. This is one family event that you just can’t ignore, so be sure to bring everyone with you on the big play day.brisbane-car-hire

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