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Picturesque North Stradbroke Island

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Explore North Stradbroke Island with our Brisbane car hire service.

Explore North Stradbroke Island with our Brisbane car hire service.

Picturesque North Stradbroke Island is an alluring mix of rough coastal landscape, peaceful inland lakes & immaculate beaches and is one of Australia’s leading natural treasures and an ideal holiday escape destination, conveniently situated on Brisbane’s doorstep.

North Stradbroke Island is one of the biggest sand islands in the world, with kilometres of clean white sandy beaches surrounding the island’s eastern side. The calm waters of Moreton Bay splash against the shores of the island’s western fishing towns.  North Stradbroke Island is only 30 kilometres southeast of the Brisbane CBD with the assistance of our Brisbane car hire service and is only accessible by the use of a car ferry and water taxi leaving from Cleveland.

North Stradbroke Island has some of the most amazing scenery found in all of Queensland. White sandy beaches run into the distance, surrounded by the aqua blue ocean, while a series of fresh water lakes in the heart of the island provides beautiful picnic and swimming locations.

With an unbelievable variety of experiences on offer and stunning spots to explore, North Stradbroke Island is a favourite holiday destination for families, couples and adventure seekers alike. It is great for day trips, short stays or week long getaways.

Make the most of your North Stradbroke Island visit and take part in one of the many activities the Island has on offer. For those who like a bit of excitement and adventure, there are four wheel drive tours, scuba diving, golf courses and a whole range of aquatic activities. For the others who want a bit more of a relaxing day out, the North Stradbroke Island offers lawn bowls, scenic bird watching, beautiful picnic spots and scenic bush walks.

All of the North Stradbroke towns on the island are connected by sealed roads, however a four wheel drive is a must for driving on beaches and inland bush tracks.

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