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Before you even decide on going to Australia you first need to know what you want to pack beforehand. One of the most important things you will need to is rent a car. Australia doesn’t have reliable transportation unless you are willing to take a bus or a cab. The problem with both of these is that your trip will be delayed since both methods of transportation have their own routes. Taxi drivers will often avoid shortcuts because they are looking to take more money from you. This is why you see many of them driving slow and avoiding places that don’t have traffic. They know that when the meter runs in traffic , it won’t cost them much gas since the car is barely moving. Most have been trained to drive this way and this shady practice is why most people don’t want a taxi in Australia. It’s painfully slow and expensive. You can easily get car rentals at gold coast airport for example so no need to worry.

By now you are probably wondering what’s wrong with going on a bus. First of all you will need to deal with all the stops that buses are routed to. If there is a person waiting at a designated bus stop then the bus must stop. With each stop being 3-6 minutes and stopping a total of four times, your trip can easily be delayed by 24 minutes. This happens often and sometimes buses are late which make things even more worse for you. On top that, you won’t have any privacy in a crowded bus. (more…)

A common attraction of driving is being able to skip public transportation during vacation and just going straight to the rental company. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy different attractions within the centre of the city or even along the outskirts. Looking at the geography of Australia, it reveals the towns that are very close to one another while others seem to stretch for ages. With cities that aren’t close, you’ll need to rent a car. Organising your car rental at the gold coast airport is easy should that be your starting point.
car-rental-at-the-gold-coast-airportGive me the freedom to drive around
Most of the public transports are located in Melbourne and can be accessed first by going on the Internet to see what cars they have, as well as pricing. If you are a new traveler in the area who is on a time budget, there is probably too many places you are thinking of looking at. Australia is filled with exciting attractions, elegant boutiques, and fancy dining places to eat. You shouldn’t have to walk to and from certain places. Going to a taxi will just eat your cash. On top of that, you really don’t have any freedom when it concerns driving. There will be no shortcuts and you won’t be able to stop often. Most families will stop because they have young kids in the car who need to take frequent bathroom breaks or the family will want to see a certain location. In a taxi, the meter always runs no matter where you are and even if you are stopped!
In order to get a great vacation car rental experience, you should consider different companies. There are tons out there but we suggest you do your research and find out things like what cars they have, pricing information, location, pick up/drop off times, etc. All of these things can impact how much you’ll pay for a vehicle or how long you will get to keep it.
Most rental companies will keep a wide variety of cars to pick from, including popular brands or even luxury cars. They also have older cars if you don’t want to pay much. Checking out the reputation of the company you are dealing with is very important.
If you have just came from the airport, go ahead and skip public transportation. Going on the bus is simply out of the question because a bus can be very dirty, have too many people, and it is easy to become a target of a crime. Australia does not have much crime in their beautiful country but it does happen every now and then. It is better to protect yourself beforehand by hiring a car rental company. A car rental company will help you find the best car that meets the needs of the family and yours as well. They will also have different cars like a large SUV for those who appreciate having their own space and not being huddled up against others. A small vehicle is wonderful for a couple who is going on a romantic vacation in Australia. You can even pick up a nice little sports car to go cruising with your loved one. As you can see, Australia has great options when it comes to transportation.

Visiting Surfers Paradise

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Surfers Paradise takes after its own name since this place is a haven for professional surfers. Even the beginners come here to take lessons and get to know the sea. If you enjoy swimming out to sea and waiting for the next wave to balance on – then this is the place for you! Now, you might be someone who isn’t active in sports such as surfing or even volleyball so you may just want to relax in the sun. Pull up a fold out chair and don’t forget to bring some sunscreen. There are many people along the beach who enjoy talking amongst friends and family while getting a tan. You don’t have to be a surfer in order to enjoy Surfers Paradise. This is a place where everyone can play and relax.

Many people refer to Surfers Paradise as the “Glitter Strip” and it looks exactly as it sounds. The beaches are made of white, sparkling sand with light waves touching the land. The skyline is absolutely amazing to watch and every year it draws millions of visitors. If you are a tourist, you will probably wish you were a local within Surfers Paradise. Being able to go here each day takes away stress, promotes a healthy well being and even makes you more active. You can easily arrange surfers paradise car rental online. We encourage you to enjoy Surfers Paradise while you can.

Surfers Paradise Car Rental


Surfers paradise is one of the most widely visited beach destinations of the world. It has a number of attractions to entertain tourists of all ages and with different interests. However, if you are on a short holiday and don’t have enough time to cover all the attractions, then given below is a list of top five attractions that you can visit with Surfers Paradise car rental. (more…)

Surfers Paradise Bars

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Travel to the Surfers Paradise Bars with our Surfers Paradise hire car service.

Roam about the Surfers Paradise Bars with our Surfers Paradise hire car service.

After the beaches, after the restaurants… we want more. How much can you take? We’ll keep the clubbing until another article but for now, it’s about some fabulous bars in Surfers Paradise you should check out. (more…)

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

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Travel to the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Marketswith our Surfers Paradise car hire service.

Travel to the Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets with our Surfers Paradise car hire service.

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast has long been one of the most desirable holiday destinations for tourists around the world to enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Located less than an hour drive to the south of Brisbane, with sunshine almost all year round and an average temperature of 20-28 degrees during summer, it is just the perfect location with the perfect weather for one and all to unwind and enjoy their holidays.

Surfers Paradise is one of the best locations for the perfect beachfront holiday experience. Tourists can either enjoy surfing in the popular break points, sit back, relax and get tanned under the sun in the golden beaches or enjoy the different activities in the city. (more…)

Gold Coast needs no introduction to people who like traveling. One of the most popular tourist places in Australia, the city is a part of Queensland State and is the sixth most populous city in Australia.  Gold Coast is spread has an area of 1402 km² and has a population of close to 400,000. The place is mostly famous for its wonderful tourist spots, which include beaches, parks, museums and architectural marvels. (more…)

The spectacular coastline and the beaches with miles and miles of golden sand, makes Australia one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. Among the various Australian cities, Surfers Paradise offers a complete beachfront holiday experience to the tourists. Many people think that this place is the ideal location only for those tourists who want to have a unique surfing experience. (more…)

Travel to Gold Coast Backpackers with our Cheap car hire Gold Coast service.

Travel to Gold Coast Backpackers with our Cheap car hire Gold Coast service.

Backpackers are rediscovering the Gold Coast in large numbers and the visitor count keeps higher and higher each year.  In 2008. over 130,000 backpackers holidayed in the region and the number continues to increase significantly even in these challenging economic times. International backpackers usually aged between 18 and 26 years are coming from the European countries. This traveler group now includes  the more affluent (flash) packer, adventure travelers and grey nomads and they are expecting better facilities and activities.  Cheap direct flights to the Gold Coast airport from Malaysia and other Asian countries are fuelling this upsurge. (more…)