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Buderim Ginger Factory

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Travel to the Buderim Ginger Factory with our Brisbane car hire service.

Travel to the Buderim Ginger Factory with our Brisbane car hire service.

Looking for something that is a bit different, slightly exciting and very tasty? How about all that in a calm peaceful atmosphere, far away from the rush of the city and busy tourist attractions of Queensland? Why don’t you spend some time tasting a range of delicious food, great shopping and entertaining tours at The Buderim Ginger Factory.

Home of Buderim Ginger, The Ginger Factory on the Sunshine is a great place to discover the authentic taste of Queensland… and ginger.

Have you ever sat back and wondered how ginger is made and how it is then delivered to your local supermarket? At the Ginger Factory, you can discover how ginger is processed with a full guided factory tour; starting in the underground world where the ginger life cycle begins, all the way through to the tasty end product. You’ll then be presented with a tasting session of ginger related food and handy cooking tips.

The Buderim Ginger Factory is a premier tourist attraction perfectly located in the centre of the Sunshine Coast.  The Ginger Factory is located only 60 minutes north of Brisbane, so why not take advantage of our cheap Brisbane car hire rates and get there in no time at all! Enjoy the comical antics of the hilarious Gingerbread Man on the “Overboard adventure” and surround yourself in the old heritage-style village, oddly named Gingertown.

There are heaps of things to see and do here; from strolling through the nursery and tropical gardens, to enjoying a hearty meal or shopping for souvenirs and gifts in the ginger shop.

Sit back and enjoy all the action and excitement of a living bee hive and watch as the bee-keepers reveal all the secrets of the honey bee. Take part in a delicious honey tasting session and discover the taste of pure and natural honey and try some of the renowned therapeutic products.

Take a ride on the Ginger Train and experience a 100 year old piece of Queensland local history. This is surely the best way to see the nursery gardens and learn even more about the history of ginger.

There’s plenty to see and do with a range of family activities and holiday fun for all. So sit back, relax and enjoy a great day out.

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