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Tips on how to save money on our Brisbane car rental service

Tips on how to save money on our Brisbane car rental service

Follow these tips when using our Brisbane car rental service to help drive your petrol dollar further and get more out of each tank.

Driving Aggressively and Speeding:
This can simply be defined as the type of driving you would undertake when you would be in a rush to get somewhere. Planting your foot on the accelerator from the traffic lights and then braking hard and excessively speeding, all take part in reducing the fuel economy of your car.

In order to overcome this, allow more time to reach your destination and try keeping a constant speed when you drive. On urban Brisbane roads, if you travel at close to the speed limit, you will receive mostly green lights; which does help increase your fuel economy and also reduces the wear and tear on the brakes.

Sticking to the Highest Gear Possible:
Brisbane car rental vehicles have actually been designed to begin in the lowest gear possible where the most power is, but the downside is that all that power means an increase in overall fuel consumption. So in order to improve your fuel economy, try to travel in the highest gear possible when you are driving at a constant speed.

Using Cruise Control:
The use of cruise control can dramatically improve your fuel economy by helping you stick at a steady speed, but this is only useful if you are travelling along flat roads. However, if you find yourself driving along hilly roads, using cruise control normally causes your car to accelerate a lot quicker than it would if you were using the accelerator yourself.

Excessive Idling:
When a car is sitting still and idling, it is simply using fuel and not moving at all, which equates to a fuel economy of 0 kilometres per litre. So when you leave your car running at the local drive thru or waiting outside for someone, you are simply wasting fuel. As a solution, it is a lot more efficient to just turn the engine off while you wait and then turn the car on again.

Air Conditioner vs. Open Windows:
Using the air conditioner does cause your car to use more fuel and results in less overall power, but travelling with your windows all the way down can be even worse at times because of the drag on the Brisbane car rental vehicle.

If you are driving at a slower speed (at perhaps less than 80kph), you are better off leaving your windows open. But for those faster speeds and on the highway, keep the windows up and turn on the air conditioning.

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