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Brisbane Car Hire Driving Tips

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Enjoy driving around Brisbane and Queensland with our Brisbane car hire driving tips.

Enjoy driving around Brisbane and Queensland with our Brisbane car hire driving tips.

Here at Cut Price Car Rentals, we have provided you with some practical driving information, not only for driving a hire car in Brisbane, but also the rest of Queensland and Australia. This will definitely come in handy when you use our Brisbane car hire service.

Drivers Licences
International visitors are allowed to drive in Australia on a valid overseas driver’s licence, but only for vehicles in the same vehicle class. Try make sure that you have your drivers licence with you at all times and carry a translation if your licence is not in English.

Speed Limits
In metropolitan Brisbane, the speed limit on the major highways and motorways is 100-110 kilometres per hour, with the city and urban speed limits ranging from 50 – 80 kilometres per hour.

All the speed limits are visibly marked along the side of the road, while speed radar equipment is frequently used to ensure that you obey the relevant speed limits. Any speeding fines incurred while driving a Brisbane car hire vehicle is the responsibility of the driver.

Driving on the Left

While driving in Brisbane and even Australia, you should be drive on the left side of the road and unless overtaking, you must keep the right hand lane clear when on roads with speed limits exceeding 80 kilometres per hour.

Drink Driving
All the states in Australia impose strict drink drinking laws and Police are allowed to stop any driver on a random basis for a breathalyser and drug test. In all Australian states, the legal blood alcohol limit is .05, however you should try abstain from drinking altogether to ensure you are driving at 100%.

Car Fuel / Petrol
The majority of the Cut Price Brisbane car hire  fleet range from late 90s vehicles and take unleaded petrol. Fuel is sold in litres, with the price fluctuating upon your location and the day of the week.

Seat Belts, Child and Booster Seats
You must wear a seat belt at all times while driving in Brisbane and Australia and you, as well as your passengers, are liable for any fines if they are not wearing a seat belt. Child and booster seats must be used when children are too small to use regular seat belts. Cut Price car rentals can supply you with baby seats and booster seats at a cost of 2-3 dollars each a day.

Driving at Night Time
While driving at night time, extra care should be taken as wildlife is prone to run out onto the road. As animals are attracted to bright car headlights, animals can cause considerable damage to your hire vehicle.

Driver Fatigue
Due to the large size of Australia and the substantial amount of distance travelled, driver fatigue has been responsible for close to 20% of all road accidents. Try to have a rest every 2 hours and give yourself a short 15 minute break, even when you are close to your destination.

Your Brisbane Car Hire Vehicle
When you arrive to collect your Brisbane car hire vehicle from the airport, we recommend you take the time to familiarise yourself with the vehicle and take note of the locations of the headlights, horn, windshield wipers, hazard lights and door locks. Also adjust your seating position and mirrors prior to driving away.

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