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Best Places to Drive to in Australia

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You finally drove off the rental car company lot and want to take a scenic drive through Australia. But the question is – where should you go? There are plenty of places to visit like the Great¬† Barrier Reef or even the beautiful harbor of Sydney. Also, Brisbane is a great place where tourists hang out if you want to socialize with other people like yourself. When you do go on your scenic drive, it is important to stop at each place and walk around. We aren’t just driving by because that wouldn’t be any fun. You want to get a whiff of the environment by smelling the nature or city that surrounds you. Also, in order to get a complete visual, walking around is something you’ll want to do. You will find many great spots like the Gold Coast for cheap car rental as you travel around.

Instead of staying in one spot on the remainder of your trip, why don’t you take a little vacation in your own vacation? For example, you can even drive across the country if you wish. Australia is small and you can cover a few areas but make sure you have plenty of time to get back. Here are some of our favorite places to drive to in Australia.

gold-coast-for-cheap-car-rentalThe Great Barrier Reef is located directly on Queensland’s coast. Here you will be able to look at the beautiful Coral Sea and the reason why they gave the sea this name is because of the Coral Reel. There are over 900 islands in the area and all of them are over a stretch of 2,600 kilometers which is huge!¬† Did you know that it’s big enough to be seen from space? Currently, the reef is a World Heritage Site and you can come whenever you like. They have tons of aquatic life such as whales, snakes, stingrays, dolphins, and even turtles. You might also come face to face with a crocodile so watch your step! This reef is calculate to be six to eight thousands years old.

The Sydney Harbor is a great choice if you are driving over Australia during New Years. This was originally the first place during the very 1st European settlement. Here is where they have the great Sydney Opera House and you can even venture inside. You can also take your family over the Sydney Harbor bridge, getting a good view of the city. Whenever new Years comes around, they celebrate with thousands of fireworks in the area. This place seems to come alive during this holiday.

In Melbourne, they have over 100 different attractions so you will find much to do here with the whole family. With the beautiful Botanic Gardens, you can walk through a field of different plants and flowers. Enjoy the garden scene as you talk with your family. You won’t even know you are in the middle of the city when walking through this area. This is a great area if you are just looking to relax and wind down. This should be your last stop for the end of the day because it will leave you feeling less stressed. Nature usually has this effect on all of us.

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