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Travel to Australia Zoo with our Brisbane Car Rental service.

Travel to Australia Zoo with our Brisbane Car Rental service.

Australia Zoo on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is housed on over 70 acres of natural Australian bush land. It is home to over 1,000 native and exotic animal species that can’t wait to get up close and personal with you!

Australia Zoo features a huge range of spectacular animal enclosures, lush gardens and gorgeous wildlife. From Australia’s cuddly koalas, waddling wombats, slithering snakes and cute kangaroos, there is always a stack of exciting wildlife to see.

Take advantage of our Brisbane Car Rental service and on the way to Australia Zoo take in the majestic Glasshouse Mountains bordered by Pine Forests and Pineapple plantations.

A day out at Australia Zoo promises to be a day of wildlife excitement, action and adventure!

Watch from the Crocoseum as huge saltwater crocs launch a strike on their prey and do deathrolls under the water. Giant wingspans of birds of prey swoop above, while in the water below a four metre reticulated python swims freely for everyone to enjoy.

Get up close and personal with the cheeky cheetahs and ripper rhinos and hand-feed their gorgeous Asian Elephants! Come and see all of the slithering, swooping, jaw-snapping action in the exciting Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors show!

If you’ve ever wanted to hug a koala, hand-feed an Asian Elephant, walk alongside a Bengal Tiger, take a Tasmanian devil for a walk or wrap a snake around your shoulders, then Australia Zoo is your ultimate destination.

First opened by Bob and Lyn Irwin in 1970 and under the management of the late Steve Irwin and his wife Terri, Australia Zoo has grown into one of the world’s leading zoological destinations and should certainly be must see list.

Your day at Australia Zoo will be the ultimate wildlife adventure!

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