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Willowbank Raceway Street Series

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If you are someone who absolutely loves street racing, you will be excited to know that the Willowbank Raceway Street Series is coming on March 2nd. The racing events will be spread apart until October 5th of 2013, so be sure to get your ticket. This is one event you simply can’t afford to miss since it only occurs 5 days out of the whole year. Do yourself a favor and get a ticket before it’s too late! Practically everyone is purchasing tickets now since they’ve heard about the race.

Not only can you watch professional racers take the wheel but if you really want – you can take the wheel for yourself! After you pay the $45 fee for racing your own car, you will soon enjoy that adrenaline rush that comes with racing. Now, if you are someone who doesn’t live on the “dangerous” side and prefers to watch other racers, all you will need to pay is $20 to get in. The best part is that children who are under 13 can come in for free. This makes it great for a family event. That’s right – bring the whole family with you. You might need to find a car among the brisbane hire cars available online to get you to this great event.brisbane-hire-cars

The tracks won’t be open for just one day, but instead – you’ll be able to select from different dates. On Saturday 2nd of March and Saturday 4th of May, you can enter the tracks at exactly 4pm. It’s always at the same time so it’s a good idea to see what date you can come. If you have work and really don’t want to miss this event – why not set aside some time forĀ  yourself? Your family will be happy and so will you. If those dates don’t work for you, you are still able to come on July 6th, September 7th or October 5th of 2013.

They even have street bike races for those of you who are into motorcycles or biking. What about races for the wife or the daughter? They have a race called the “Street Powder Puff Series”, where only the ladies will take the wheel. Since Willowbank has events for just about everyone, you will be sure that each member of your family has fun when you go there. This is what makes this event so special. Now, remember that any of your kids who want to race must be of the appropriate racing age and also show the proper I.D when signing up. It’s very important we have them do this, since the majority of accidents are from teenagers and people who are not responsible while operating a vehicle.

Don’t let this get you down though. The Willowbank Raceway is completely safe. They have medical teams standing by and also the tracks are safe to speed along. If you are sitting on the bleachers, you won’t need to worry about any cars crashing into you. There is a protective wall lining which separates you and your family from the race.

With this type of entertainment and fun, we are sure your friends or family will have a blast. We hope that you win a few races!

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