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Going from taxi to taxi may feel like a hassle and can be quite frustrating at times, especially if you are trying to flag someone down to pick you up. You have to wait out in the street or call ahead of time. Some of the taxis show up late because of their hectic schedule. If you don’t want to go through all this, we recommend hiring commercial vehicles with a car hire company. There should be a car hire company in every city within Australia.

The best way to find a car hire company is by looking up the closest company online. You have two options here. You can either rent a car directly from the airport or venture out toward another business that rents vehicles. If you use the airport, it may take longer and be more expensive since there are so many people there who need a vehicle. Some Gold Coast Car Rental companies offer cheaper car rental by not having a booth inside the terminal. These can be booked online.

gold-coast-car-rentalNow, before you do all this – see if you can contact the company through their website online. They should have a FAQ page which lists all the requirements for renting a car. In Australia, you must be 21 to drive unlike most places around the world. They usually have rules that seem stricter than where you came from. This is because Australians are always interested in safety and protecting their people. By reading online about the car company, you’ll be able to obtain important information like their address,  open hours, and even a map to their location. This is very helpful and if you don’t want to wait – book an appointment ahead of time. They also have services where they can pick you up and you’ll be able to talk to a representative about hiring a car. It is crucial that you bring all of your documents first.

Most of the car hire companies will rent out cars like Toyota, Honda, Kia and more. You can also find some luxury cars if you want to drive in style, but expect to pay more. You can request a vehicle that has air conditioner, CD player, MP3 player, passenger airbags, navigation or radio. Depending on what you value the most, you’ll get a car that meets all of your needs. Most car companies have anywhere from five to thirty cars at the most.

You can also hire a car hire company that offers vans and trucks. If you need plenty of space or plan on buying some furniture decor, you’ll need a truck. However, if you need space and have a few family members going with you – the best vehicle to get is a van. Of course, you’ll be spending a lot in gas but it will be worthwhile. You won’t have to rely on a taxi van to drive you around. Most taxi vans are much more expensive since they take up more gas.

Going on the bus is another option but it is not a smart idea. Generally, there is a lot of crime that takes place around bus stop malls so as a traveler, you’ll want to stay safe. If that means paying more for renting a car, then so be it. You and your family are worth it so save up your money so you’ll have enough to rent a car and go on a fun driving trip. Being in control is the best thing about renting a car and you’ll be able to go anywhere you like.

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