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Visiting Surfers Paradise

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Surfers Paradise takes after its own name since this place is a haven for professional surfers. Even the beginners come here to take lessons and get to know the sea. If you enjoy swimming out to sea and waiting for the next wave to balance on – then this is the place for you! Now, you might be someone who isn’t active in sports such as surfing or even volleyball so you may just want to relax in the sun. Pull up a fold out chair and don’t forget to bring some sunscreen. There are many people along the beach who enjoy talking amongst friends and family while getting a tan. You don’t have to be a surfer in order to enjoy Surfers Paradise. This is a place where everyone can play and relax.

Many people refer to Surfers Paradise as the “Glitter Strip” and it looks exactly as it sounds. The beaches are made of white, sparkling sand with light waves touching the land. The skyline is absolutely amazing to watch and every year it draws millions of visitors. If you are a tourist, you will probably wish you were a local within Surfers Paradise. Being able to go here each day takes away stress, promotes a healthy well being and even makes you more active. You can easily arrange surfers paradise car rental online. We encourage you to enjoy Surfers Paradise while you can.

Surfers Paradise Car Rental

Surfers Paradise is about thirty minutes from the Gold Coast Paradise so if this is your airport, we strongly suggest that you don’t skip out on visiting this lovely beach. Not only can you swim and lounge around but they also have other activities too. There is plenty of variety when it comes to cafes, restaurants and fashion life. Once you set foot in this area, you’ll feel the pure energy and positive vibes the place gives you. Everyone here is happy and there is so much to do.

Did you know that Surfers Paradise makes up for 45% of all the accommodations on the Gold Coast? This is what makes it one of the very best places for tourists. Shopping can be done at any time practically, since most of the boutiques are open late. They are open Monday through Sunday, unlike some other places in Australia. You’ll see tons of people here at night because the restaurants and shopping facilities are open late, welcoming the public. They even have their own market during Wednesday and Friday. It begins from 5:30pm and lasts all the way until 10pm. In the market, there are at least 120 vendors or more. Your senses will come alive when you start to notice the smell of barbequed food and the sight of colorful artwork. With so many products to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding on what gifts to bring home. They have things like beauty supplies, home decor, jewelry, and high tech accessories. After the market is over, you might still want to enjoy your stay in Surfer’s Paradise. Luckily, they have a few places to eat that are open 24/7, giving you plenty of options rather than staying in your room.

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