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The spectacular coastline and the beaches with miles and miles of golden sand, makes Australia one of the most popular holiday destinations of the world. Among the various Australian cities, Surfers Paradise offers a complete beachfront holiday experience to the tourists. Many people think that this place is the ideal location only for those tourists who want to have a unique surfing experience. However, this is not true. Surfers Paradise is an ideal holiday destination from tourists of all ages and with different interest. There are a lot of things to do in this city besides surfing. There are a lot of places to visit in and around the city with car rental Surfers Paradise.

The city of Surfers Paradise is an ideal location for those seeking for a true beach holiday experience. It is situated in the heart of the Gold Coast region.  A number of direct and indirect flights, buses, trains and cars connect this city to the rest of the world. Once in the city, tourists can opt for car rentals Surfers Paradise and explore the different attractions at their own pace and convenience.

The beach of Surfers Paradise has a 3 kilometer long coastline and is a popular destination for surfing. This city has a mild and warm climate which makes it suitable for surfing and swimming activities. Tourists can also enjoy a number of other activities and water sports in the beaches. There are lifeguards patrolling the beaches of this region, making them safe for visitors.

There are a number of restaurants and cafes in this city, which you can visit in car hire from Surfers Paradise, and taste some local delicacies. If you are fond of shopping, then you can visit the malls, as well as, the beachfront markets which are set up on specific weekdays. In these markets and malls you will find some of the best designer and branded products along with local art and craft and other items. If you have enough time in hand, then you can also explore the nearby areas and also visit the theme parks located at short distances from the city.

Accommodation is also not a problem in the city with the numerous hotels and rented apartments available all over. There are accommodation options available to suit every budget.

No matter where you choose to stay and which places you prefer to visit during your holiday, with car rental Surfers Paradise, you can make your holiday a memorable one.

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