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Tips for Traveling on the Road

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You recently picked up your rental car after a long trip on the plane and now you feel exhausted. Getting to the hotel is only half the battle. You and your family need to rest once everyone arrives at their destination, as there is a big trip coming up tomorrow. You plan on driving all the way to Surfer’s Paradise where the sun always shines and the waves are perfect for surfing. This little trip will take you two hours and thirty minutes to get there so keeping calm in the car is important. It’s not about keeping calm either. The vehicle you rented may become hot because of the weather conditions and your family will get bored easily if they don’t have anything to entertain them. This is why it’s so important to pack everything you need and this way the family will have things like a CD player, towels, water, coloring books, and so on. Low cost car hire in Surfers Paradise is a great way to explore all the beaches. With one teenager and one five year old, you might feel like taking care of them is a constant battle on car trips but there are a few things you can do to help.

Handling the boredom factor
The first thing you need to know is that everyone can become bored during the trip. Because of this, you’ll need to come up with some creative car games. You can sing-a-long with your family or even play “Sweet and sour”. This is a game where you wave at other drivers and if they wave back, you say “sweet”. If they don’t, they are considered sour. Also, you can bring a mini TV to install in the back where your kids can watch whatever movies they like. This is a great way to keep them distracted and most of the time they won’t complain about the long drive ahead.low-cost-car-hire-in-surfers-paradise

Bringing everything you need
Packing everything you need is very important. The car can become hot and your family might begin to sweat because of the extreme temperatures in Australia. Bring some clean extra shirts and water bottles. If someone is too sweaty, they can change into a fresh shirt so they are more comfortable. The water bottles should be ice cold and this way they don’t get warm in the car after an hour. You should also bring other things like snacks and an ice chest to put food in. Other things may include toys for the kids, a few magazines, etc.

Avoiding sickness
Some individuals can easily become sick during a car ride, especially if they are known to have something called motion sickness. For those who do, it is advised not to look out your window. You shouldn’t drive if you have motion sickness either. Let someone else do the driving like your spouse. For the children, always bring their medication like pills or inhalers. Be sure that they have at least two refills if you are going to be in the area for 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, one is just fine but it is better to bring two, just in case one is lost.

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