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Strange Things Left in Rental Cars

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Let’s face it – some people will leave strange things in rental
cars. You could imagine at what some of the things car rental
companies have found in cars. Many of them will return the items to
you by mailing it out to your address. These types of companies
that have a return policy are great to use. You can tell the
business owners take an ethical approach and do not steal the items
left over by people who rent. Still, that doesn’t mean you
shouldn’t be careful. Any employee or another person who gets in
the car can take your items. When you have finished your car hire in Brisbane please don’t forget to remove your
camera, jewelry, or anything that is worth a lot in the vehicle.

car hire in brisbaneYou may have been out on vacation three weeks ago and happened to
leave your iPhone in the vehicle. Once you realized this, you were
in a panic mode. How would you call your family to come pick you up
after your flight? Paying another $150 or more for an iPhone
replacement can be a waste of money, especially if you could have
been more responsible with your phone. Don’t be quick to blame
yourself though as this could have happened to anyone.

If you are someone who received your item back from the car rental
company, consider yourself very lucky. You may not be so lucky next
time, so it’s always a good idea to double check before you exit
the car. Always make a list of everything you bring on your trip so
that way you will remember what items are available.

So many people are excited about their vacation and even think of
what things they are going to do next. Because of this, they may
inadvertently leave an item somewhere in the car or even at home.
This is why car rental companies see so many items left in cars.
The best companies are the ones that return them.

People will often leave their items in the glove box, on the very
seat of the car, and also underneath the seat. Some of the items
are dropped in a car rental vehicle and since they can’t see the
item in plain view, it is automatically assumed that the item is
packed. Do yourself a favor and go through your luggage to double
check. If you can’t find anything in your luggage, it’s time to
look into the car again.

The number #1 rule to this is to never bring any valuable items on
a trip with you. Anything over $100 should be left at home or at a
friend’s house while you go in the car rental. This will help you
eliminate the possibility of having things lost or stolen. Take
these initiative steps and this will make your trip much smoother.
Always ask the car rental company if you can check everything
before you leave. Doing two sweeps may help you find an item that
you suspect to be missing. If it is an item that can easily be
replaced, you may not need to worry about it.

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