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Springbrook Mountain Manor

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As the name suggests, the Springbrook Mountain Manor is a class apart, when it comes to style, architecture and luxury. Built on the lines of the English Tudor style architecture, this boutique hotel is spread over 25 acres of land, which includes carefully landscaped gardens, lakes and cute little ponds. The property is surrounded by lush and magnificent rainforests, which have been listed in the UN World Heritage directory. This means that there are miles and miles of foliage, just waiting to be explored, including glow worm caves and breathtaking waterfalls.

In true English style, you will be able to enjoy fine dining at the “Manner’s” or enjoy an authentic English tavern ambience at the “One-Legged Duck”. One thing that is guaranteed is that at both places, you will be able to enjoy a fine meal, complimented by exclusive wine. And if you have a sweet tooth, the onsite fudge shop should satisfy your cravings!

The Manor is also a fantastic option to hold a wedding, because the summerhouse on the lake will provide a truly romantic location, to take your vows. The elegant dining rooms will prove perfect for an exquisite dinner reception. Owners and professional chefs – Leon and Fiona McDonald, will make sure that the wedding meal is a true spectacle and remains in the memories of guests for the longest time. The staff will be more than happy to make arrangements for cakes, flowers, music as well as photographers.

Whether it is a planned holiday, a quick weekend getaway or a dream wedding, the Springbrook Mountain Manor is a place you wouldn’t want to miss!

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