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Snacks To Bring in your Rental Car

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You are planning on renting a family vacation car for the long trip ahead of you in Australia. With this in mind, you may want to bring some snacks on the road. Having to stop at fast food places twice a day won’t satisfy the stomach as the food isn’t something you would regularly eat back home. For one thing, most fast food has too many calories and a lot of added grease that your family and you shouldn’t be eating. Instead, why not pack some healthy brunch and lunch meals for everyone? The kids won’t complain and your spouse will be happy to eat. You’ll just be thankful that you don’t need to pull over to get a bite to eat in the city, delaying your trip time.

The best thing to do is make all the food once you get to your hotel. Remember to make suitable food for your car rentals from Brisbane or wherever. If the trip is in a few hours and you’ve just arrived in the beautiful Australian city, then you’ll be able to pick up a few store ingredients. We recommend making food that has plenty of vegetables and chicken in it as the vegetables will give energy while the chicken gives you protein. Also, in order to determine what food to make – you need to know exactly how hot it is there. In the country of Australia, the temperatures can easily rise above 100F. Here are three basic recipes you can make for your trip.

car-rentals-from-brisbaneDeli Sandwich
Pack a sandwich that has turkey, onion, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise or whatever else you want to add. Be sure not to add to many sauces to the sandwich or this will make it soggy. It is better to pack some of the sauces in a container and then add them in the car when you are ready to eat them. You can always buy sauce packets which makes it easier to add.

Fried Chicken
Getting enough meat for the day is very important. With this in mind, you can fry some boneless chicken breasts and take with you. Place them in a plastic ziplock bag or better yet, a container. You and your family can enjoy these in the car, even if you are just eating the chicken plain. This is finger food so eating in the car is perfectly fine.

Granola Bars
Buy a few small Granola bars that are bite-size. They come in an assortment of blueberry, strawberry, or even chocolate Granola bars. Kids love these because it has a delicious fruit flavor and is very crunchy. Depending on the type of bars you are eating, they will give you a burst of energy. It’s like getting your second wind back!

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