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Before you even decide on going to Australia you first need to know what you want to pack beforehand. One of the most important things you will need to is rent a car. Australia doesn’t have reliable transportation unless you are willing to take a bus or a cab. The problem with both of these is that your trip will be delayed since both methods of transportation have their own routes. Taxi drivers will often avoid shortcuts because they are looking to take more money from you. This is why you see many of them driving slow and avoiding places that don’t have traffic. They know that when the meter runs in traffic , it won’t cost them much gas since the car is barely moving. Most have been trained to drive this way and this shady practice is why most people don’t want a taxi in Australia. It’s painfully slow and expensive. You can easily get car rentals at gold coast airport for example so no need to worry.

By now you are probably wondering what’s wrong with going on a bus. First of all you will need to deal with all the stops that buses are routed to. If there is a person waiting at a designated bus stop then the bus must stop. With each stop being 3-6 minutes and stopping a total of four times, your trip can easily be delayed by 24 minutes. This happens often and sometimes buses are late which make things even more worse for you. On top that, you won’t have any privacy in a crowded bus.

car-rentals-at-gold-coast-airportRental cars are convenient in every way possible since you will be able to navigate anywhere you want without having to take out a paper nap. A navigation system will guide you through every step of the way, letting you know which way to turn left or right. This is safer than holding onto your iPhone. One prime feature of a vehicle is that it has airbags which expel from the car quickly in case of any accident. With a taxi or a bus, you won’t be safe in any type of accident. You obviously need a car that is reliable and can keep friends or family safe from any harm. Also, being able to turn on the radio or play certain songs is considered a technical luxury that some tourists do not have.

In order to get a rental car, you need to prepare everything before traveling to Australia. Give the rental company a call and let them know what type of car you would like and they can check if they have it. This will save you from wasting any time when you get there and also booking online is possible. Australia may seem very small to you but imagine all the driving you will have to do if you have many places to go to. This is the main reason why thousands of tourists will rent out cars every time they visit Australia. It is only logical as you want to be able to get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

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