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Get Back To Nature at Mt Tambourine

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Travel to Mt Tamborine with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Travel to Mt Tamborine with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Mount Tamborine is part of Australia’s famous Gold Coast, yet is far separate from it. It is the most northerly plateau, positioned directly west from Surfers Paradise. The beaches, shopping and night life of the Gold Coast are only a pleasant 40 minutes drive from the Mountain, with Brisbane only a 1 hour drive away when you take advantage of our car rental Gold Coast service.

Feeding the abundant and varied bird population, as well as enjoying the rich variety of animal life is a pass time many locals enjoy. Extremely friendly Rainbow Lorikeets, members of the parrot family provide an entertaining and colorful attraction. Within these mountain gardens you can find Eastern Rosellas, purple and red in color, their yellow and pastel blue cousins the Pale Headed Rosellas and even King Parrots, known for their striking green and red color. You will hear the musical sounds of more common birds, from the break of day right through until the sun goes down, such as the shy Whip, Butcher birds and of course Magpies by the plenty.

The original mountain vegetation was predominantly sub-tropical rainforest. More than 100 years ago the first people to settle on Tambourine Mountain were attracted by the abundance of Red Cedar and other timbers valued by cabinet makers. Farming has taken over in recent times resulting in the clearing of much of the forest, there still remains pockets of original rain forest. The mountains are circled by national parks, nine in total providing a reminder of the varied rainforest types that used to cover the entire area. Forests of Piccabean Palms are an amazing site around the waterfalls and creeks of the mountain. With a decent sized population in excess of 6000 Tambourine Mountain is different to your average suburban community. A multitude of skilled crafts people and artisans have been attracted to the peace and serenity of this beautifull area. Indulging their ‘green fingers’ on veritable ‘gardens of eden’ has made this a popular spot to retire and garden to their hearts content. In contrast this is also an excellent spot to raise a young family, parents finding it preferable to the temptations of city life. Tambourine Mountain offers a real delight with local galleries and artisans if you are shopping for interesting gifts. The popular ‘Gallery Walk’ hosts the majority of the galleries however to find the finest of Australian crafts you should visit the Fingerprint Gallery, situated on Alpine Terrace.┬áBird watching, gardening and bush walking are the three most popular activities people pursue on Tambourine Mountain with gardening only slightly behind the other two. There is plenty of sport on offer for the younger active crowd too however. A wide range of clubs, from cricket, soccer and football, even swimming can be found in the area. The golf course on Tamoburine Mountain, with it’s scenic location is very popular too, slightly ahead of the lawn bowls and tennis which still have people of all ages participating.

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