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Travel to Macadamia Castle with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

Travel to Macadamia Castle with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

Macadamia Castle is a child and family friendly paradise, with something for everybody!

Fur, feathers, great food and family fun, The Macadamia Castle is bursting of little surprises to discover! There are many native furry and cuddly nursery animals to enjoy, along with a mini golf course, train rides, playgrounds and bbq facilities. There’s even rabbit pattings, face painting, a tree house, and an all new reptile display.

Take a few swings at the 18 hole mini-golf course, while others hop aboard the train ride or learn many interesting animal facts from the animal keepers.

Why not give the Café a try and indulge in a selection of tasty breakfasts, pancakes and a healthy range of lunch choices.

Let the kids play in the giant tree house, while you sit back and relax under the shady terrace while spoiling yourself with a piece of macadamia baked cheesecake.

The Macadamia Castle also sells a large selection of gourmet macadamia products and offers tastings of hot, roasted macadamia nuts. There is even charming gift shop and a full display of the macadamia nut industry.

The Macadamia Castle is open daily from 8am to 5pm and are located roughly 10 Minutes South from Byron Bay and 10 Minutes North from Ballina, along the Pacific Highway. Make travel a breeze with the Cutprice car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

For half an hour or a whole day, The Macadamia Castle is a must see on anyone’s itinerary!

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