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A Short History of Brisbane

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Before European Settlement, Brisbane was inhabited by the native Jagera and Turrbal aboriginal people who took advantage of the river with its ample food supply and complimentary land for suitable campsites.

It wasn’t until 1825 that European settlement of the area occurred and Brisbane was first established as nothing more than an isolated penal settlement, operating until 1842.

It was in 1842 that this decrepit penal settlement was opened up for free settlement and many people with a view of a better life moved to the area. Somewhat disappointed, they found only poorly constructed shelters, neglected buildings and next to no facilities. With no market, impassable roads in the wet, unsafe ferries and no clean water despite the lovely river, the locals petitioned self-government, separate from New South Wales. On the 6th of September 1859, they were successful and Brisbane Municipality was established. By 1888, with a thriving economy and the establishment of government buildings, almost all evidence of a penal settlement in the in the CBD had disappeared.

Brisbane and it’s people survived the stress of the first world war, the great depression and the second world war. After World War II the city boomed with increased industrial activity and high immigration levels that boosted the population significantly. Suburbs sprang up, the roads were sealed and the city’s sewage system was established. Brisbane became a destination to both live and visit.

Since then, Brisbane has continued to grow and flourish. Brisbane played host to the 1982 Commonwealth Games, hosted the World Expo in 1988 and continues to flourish as a great place to live and holiday in Queensland.

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