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Travel to the Golden Door Health Retreat with our Gold Coast cheap car hire service.

Travel to the Golden Door Health Retreat with our Gold Coast cheap car hire service.

The Gold Coast is renowned for its popularity as one of the favourite vacation spots, not only in Australia but also all around the world. Hence, it is not surprising that millions of visitors choose to spend their holidays at this hotspot for its warmth and sunshine all year round.

Attractions on the Gold Coast and Brisbane are endless, with stunning, white sandy beaches along the pristine coastline, great shopping malls and markets offering quality merchandise, theme parks jam-packed with thrills and excitement for one and all, national parks and lush green rainforests providing natural picturesque scenery, amazing nightlife with pubs, clubs and bars and the list goes on.

Driving yourself and your friends around gives you ultimate freedom to plan your own schedule. With Cut Price’s Gold Coast cheap car hire, getting a car to drive for your holiday has never been so easy. Nevertheless, there is so much to do and your holiday schedule will be crammed with one activity after another. Flagging energy needs to be replenished, therefore it is of utmost importance to revive, refresh, relax and indulge yourself during your holiday. We suggest a place where you can get away from the city’s hustle and bustle for the ultimate pampering… The Golden Door Health Retreat Queensland.

Heading north of Surfers Paradise and after a 30-minute drive, you will find yourself in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland region. Choose your own program from the various packages on offer and get ready to immerse yourself in total relaxation. Take advantage of the gorgeous natural environment to rejuvenate and invigorate with accommodation options of single, twin and double share for you and your friends.

Stay at The Golden Door Health Retreat Queensland for at least a few days to ease your body and soothe your mind with different activities. Massage, face, hands, feet and body treatments are some of the must-do, well-deserved indulgences to experience at the retreat.

Choose a program that is tailored for yourself and you can escape into a soothing and comforting experience to re-energize and refresh during your holiday. Indisputably, the vitality you feel after your visit will follow you back home to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

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