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Gold Coast Wax Museum

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Travel to the Gold Coast Wax Museum with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Travel to the Gold Coast Wax Museum with our Gold Coast car hire service.

The Wax Museum, located in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, is the largest museum of its kind in Australia and the southern hemisphere. This extraordinary museum contains a range of wax statues and figurines of famous people, all coming from different walks of life.

The Wax Museum offers you a thrilling educational journey through time, where you can witness and discover past and present heroes, movie stars, singers, scientists, royals, prime ministers and presidents, artists and villains.

At the Wax Museum you can see famous people who made history, all presented with astonishing realism and dressed in authentically re-created costumes of their times. The wax figures are so real-to-life that some visitors expect them to walk around and talk.

There are two sections to the Wax Museum:
The “World in Wax” provides a large, detailed snapshot of the people who have influenced and continue to shape our lives. The exhibits include dioramas of Australian history, nursery rhymes, hand made replicas of the Crown Jewels and Fantasia Macabre.

Also see a unique collection of mythical characters from fictional horror movies, such as Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Thing, a Zombie, Werewolf & many other creatures from legend, folklore & literature.

The “Chamber of Horrors” is a grim, staggering record of Human Cruelty throughout the different ages. More spine-chilling than fiction, it is the only display of its kind in the entire world.

The Gold Coast Wax Museum is located between Elkorn and Ferney Avenue in the Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast Highway. This makes travelling an ease for anyone who books our Gold Coast car hire service.

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