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Gold Coast Caravan Parks

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Finding the best caravan park for your upcoming Gold Coast holiday can be challenging especially if you haven’t been here before. ‘Roughing it” has become a distant memory as caravan parks upgrade their facilities and accommodation standards to meet the changing expectations of young families.

Powered campsites, campervan and caravan sites are now the norm although Tourist Parks as distinct from Caravan Parks, can have more basic accommodation and facilities and this shows in the fees they charge.

Interstate travelers can choose to tow their own camper trailer or caravan or drive a motorhome or camper van to the holiday destination or even stay in permanent on-site accommodation provided by the park operator. Generally, higher fees are charged for the added convenience, comfort and facilities they provide. If your stay is short, then a stay at a tourist park might be quite recommended but you will probably want to alternate your stays with more comfortable parks as you move around.

Holiday parks, villas and cabins and on-site caravans become very attractive propositions as your stay lengthens. Some caravan parks have almost become mini-resorts with magnificent guest amenities like electric barbeques, playgrounds even bistros, heated swimming pools, restaurants and other trappings of real resorts. With self-contained and fully equipped living in up to three bedrooms and with every comfort, these permanent structures make excellent holiday homes without the stuffiness and expense often associated with resorts, apartments and hotels.

Start by choosing a town or area in the Gold Cost where you think is an ideal place to stay. One may have to compromise a little as caravan parks are not evenly spread along the Gold Coast area. They tend to be clustered past the northern end of the Gold Coast near the theme parks, and at the southern end where larger land tracts are available for caravan park development.

If you don’t have a car, you need a car hire to tour the Gold Coast. Owners of larger motor homes and vehicles and those traveling to holiday parks via public transport might consider hiring a cheap Gold Coast car hire from us at Cut Price Car Rentals for at least several days of tour stay.

There are 48 caravan parks are listed as being located on the Gold Coast and some of them are more inland while others are really outside the area.

There are good directories online of caravan parks to help you find a caravan park suitable for your needs. The State motorist associations use a group called AAA Tourism Ratings to rate 10,000 accommodation establishments around Australia, including caravan parks which is good basis on which parks is better than the other. Caravan parks can be ‘Star’ rated for their accommodation and facilities – just like the hotels.

You need to enter the name of nearest town rather than “Gold Coast” as your search term on search engines online. Make sure you use advanced search setting and deactivate all accommodation types other than Tourist Parks and Camping Grounds. The website also explains what the different number of stars rating mean.

Another useful directory listing of caravan parks where people usually search for parks may be found at the Caravanning Queensland website. They have separate categories for caravan parks, cabins and home parks.

Caravan clubs offer a wonderful gateway for exchanging travel and caravanning experiences and tips. Although not everyone has the time to participate in caravan clubs. Fortunately, there is a journal called Badgers Australian Caravan Park Reports that holds detailed reports and ratings of some of the Gold Coast caravan parks. Be aware that some of the these reports are quite dated.

The Report lists blogs of personal experiences and point of views of people who have stayed at a named caravan park. The reports may provide useful insights and information on the facilities and the way the park is managed that cannot be gleaned from the flashy websites. Like all blogs, take care to carefully check out any negative comments and reviews in case the report and rating was motivated by “sour grapes” or an isolated incident.

We have selected the top three Gold Coast caravan parks that might be worth a close look.

Treasure Island Holiday Park at Biggera Waters is principally a holiday camp although it does accommodate caravans, campers and motor homes. Its outstanding facilities, one to 3 bedroom villas, cabins, studios and caravan sites have earned it a 4.5 star rating. Amenities match or eclipse many large resorts. It has a heated pool, a lap pool, tennis courts, barbeques and a children’s playground. Fees range from $35.00 to $495.00 a night.

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park, Palm Beach. As one of the tourist parks, its facilities are more basic. It earns good ratings for its setting, cleanliness and better park management. It features three swimming pools (one with a water fall and another with a water slide, a heated spa, a children’s playground, a boat ramp, car wash facilities, tennis court, a mini-golf course and caters for people with disabilities.

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park is situated 3 KM south of Burleigh Heads and 7 km north of Coolangatta.

Kirra Beach Tourist Park, Kirra. This park has been well rated by visitors for its exceptional amenities, laundries, drying areas, effective park security and camp kitchen. This park is also a short walk to Kirra Beach.

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