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Gold Coast Car Rentals Driving Tips

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Gold coast is a beautiful place and the best way to explore it is to hire a car. After reaching the city, you can get Gold Coast Car Rentals from the gold coast airport itself. Given below are a few driving tips which will help you to learn about the traffic and driving rules of the city and help you to enjoy your gold coast visit in a better way.

  • Left hand driving – The first and the foremost thing that you need to know about Australian driving is that you need to drive on the left lanes of highways and overtake from the right side.
  • Speed limit – The next thing that you need to take care of while driving with car rentals gold coast is your speed limit. All roads have the speed limit marked on them. Speed detection devices and red lights cameras help to track speeding cars. Drivers have to pay heavy fines if caught speeding.
  • Seat belts – It is compulsory to wear seat belts while driving in Australia. Seat belts are not only compulsory for the driver, but for the other passengers as well. If you have children traveling with you, you need to use child restraints.
  • Drink and drive – While driving car rental gold coast make sure you do not mix drinking and driving. There are strict drunken driving laws enforced in the country.
  • Parking rules – Make sure you are aware about the parking rules of gold coast. Parking areas usually have the parking restrictions mentioned on them. Make sure you abide by the rules while parking your car.
  • Valid driving license – To drive in the country, tourists need to have a valid overseas driver’s license. It should cover the vehicle class of the car that you are driving. Also the license should be in English.
  • Fuel – You can refuel your car rentals gold coast in a petrol pump or from the company itself. However, remember that the car rental company may charge you a higher price for the fuel.
  • No matter whether you are visiting gold coast for the first time or have come here earlier as well, always remember to carry the latest city map with yourself.

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