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Visiting any airport can be a challenging experience. It doesn’t matter if you are departing or checking out of the airport. There are many policies and rules you must follow when going through security or bringing your items. To save yourself embarrassment and lost time, you’ll need to know what exactly to expect once you get to the airport. If you are traveling to the Gold Coast Airport, you’ll find that doing simple tasks are easier than what you experienced before. The Gold Coast Airport has their own website and plenty of informational booths where you can ask questions or receive information. If you don’t know where something is or have a specific question – ask one of their employees. Some will go as far as showing you the way or they might give you a map on where you need to be. This can be extremely helpful for tourists who are new to the area, like yourself!car-hire-the-gold-coast-airport

The Gold Coast Airport has over 25 flights daily which means there are a lot of options for you if you need to get back home quickly. If you are just arriving there, you might want to get a small snack. There are a few places open to pick up some coffee and wait around for  your taxi to come. Also, they have reserved areas for people who plan on renting a car. It really depends on what your plans are and where you need to go. The best part about the Gold Coast Airport is that it is a gateway to other different places.  You can easily get to the Coolangatta Bed and Breakfast Hotel or visit The Deck Cafe which is not far from the airport. In the Coolangatta area, you’ll find Marie’s Pizza, Bali Hut (Indonesian restaurant) and Tweed Heads Chinese Restaurant.  To arrange car hire the gold coast airport is well catered for, or do it online before you travel.

Before you go off to any of these places, make sure you don’t forget your bags. They have many areas in the airport where you can wait for your bags. If you don’t know where to go, you’ll need to find the information center. They’ll tell you where you need to wait for your bags. Also, if you are planning on leaving Australia instead, bringing the right items is very important. You cannot pack things that are sharp or any type of weapon. Even if you bought a decorative kitchen knife, this could also be a problem. Leave anything sharp or dangerous with family members. They can always send you your package in the mail. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to throw your item away.

For those who are on business, there are plenty of lounges. The best is the Virgin Australia lounge which is located directly in the airport, between gate one and two. You must be a Platinum or Gold member to visit this lounge but it’s definitely worth it. Here you’ll be able to eat, enjoying their Luke Mangan buffet. They have plenty of barista coffee which is served daily and also fine wines. If you have a fear of flying, how about picking up some Australian beer? This is served after 11am in the lounge and once you finish it, you’ll be ready to go. Just make sure you take some food before leaving. Everyone knows that an average flight to Australia is around ten hours.

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