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Discover the Gold Coast Nature with our car hire Gold Coast service.

Discover the Gold Coast Nature with our car hire Gold Coast service.

If you’re past your prime for gravity-defying rides, the Gold Coast has other gems you’ll be dying to discover by the time you finish reading this.

Contrary to popular belief, Queensland’s Gold Coast offers plenty of sights and entertainment beyond its haven of theme parks.

So go on, put all these places down in your itinerary and get exploring with Cutprice Car Rental’s competetive prices in car hire on the Gold Coast!

The Gold Coast is heaven for the nature-loving traveller. Begin your park-hopping discovery at David Fleay Wildlife Park, where you’ll get a look at Australia’s indigenous creatures, including platypus, which is specially bred in this park.

For water wonders not of the Wet ‘N’ Wild variety, Currumbin Rock Pools in Burleigh Heads National Park is a must-see. The water slides are not made from colourful plastic, but by Mother Nature. Cool rock slides and tumbling, stunning water cascades make for refreshing fun in summer.

Pack up a picnic basket and lay your mat out in Springbrook National Park. After a scenic lunch, you’ll be itching to get on your feet and explore via the walking tracks. Along the way, you’ll get lost in awe by the breathtaking rainforest and eucalyptus forest dramatically punctuated by gorges, cliffs and waterfalls.

An excellent way to end your Gold Coast nature discovery is at Federation Walk. Relax in seclusion on pristine white beaches untouched by tourist traffic. If you want to get your feet wet, the exhilarating surf will keep you going for hours.

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