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Games For The Road

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If you have just rented a car in Surfers Paradise to use for long trips, Surfers Paradise car rental being extremely popular since it is a world famous tourist destination, you may want to cure your boredom or have some games for the road. This way you won’t fall asleep while traveling and will keep things “fun” for the whole family. This is a great way to grow closer to your family and build memories.

surfers-paradise-car-rentalIt is important that as a designated driver, you pay attention to the wheel. Singing games are fun but don’t ever participate in games that have you looking outside the window, peering at other cars, or otherwise taking your eyes off the road. You always want to be looking at the road ahead of you because if you don’t, there could be a huge accident.

Do you have a large family? If there are kids in the family, there is a good chance that they’ll complain during the trip. They will ask questions like “Are we there yet”, every 5 minutes. In a kid’s mind, a trip can last forever because they don’t know how to keep themselves occupied well enough. However, if you give them some toys or create fun car games, this will make the time speed up for them and they will forget about the two or three hour drive.

Let’s focus on the type of games they have. Here are a few that you and your family can choose from:

Eye Spy
Folks have been playing Eye Spy for the longest time. Even our grandparents used to play Eye Spy. In order to play the game, you must say “Eye Spy with my Little Eye” and then describe a color or shape. The people who are in the car with you have to guess it. Never let the driver play though because they shouldn’t be looking at anything off the road. If you are the driver and want to play, only list items that are on the road instead of on the sides. This is perfectly safe as long as you don’t participate in looking for someone else’s “Eye Spy”.

Sweet and Sour
This game is very fun if you enjoy human reaction. Basically, the people who are playing must get the attention of someone in another car that is usually next to them. Once they get their attention by waving as if they know them, they’ll see if the person waves back or smiles. If they don’t, you have to shout out “Sour”. If they do wave back or give you a grin, you can say “Sweet”. This is an exciting game and you’ll never know what to expect with other drivers.

The Counting Game
In this game, you are expected to count things around you. For example,  you can count 20 cows, 5 chickens, and 3 street lamps. Only one person can pick an item and the first person to count and get the right answer will win. If you are  a visual learner who loves math, this game will be easy for you but be careful not to embarrass everyone with all that winning going on!

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