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Discover the Gold Coast Beaches with our cheap car rentals Gold Coast service.

Discover the Gold Coast Beaches with our cheap car rentals Gold Coast service.

The surf and the beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast are playgrounds for millions of Australian and overseas visitors. Every day, you find thousands of happy people sitting and sunning in the sand.   Talking.  Reading. Sleeping.  Switching off.  Playing games with the kids.  Frisbees.  Eyeing up and chatting up the talent.  Walking.  Beach cricket and volleyball.

The Gold Coast offers 68 km of beaches – many of which will have the right mix of people, facilities and surf that you would prefer.  If one beach is a little too crowded for you liking, then try another.  With access to cheap car rentals on the Gold Coast, finding the beach with your name on it is easy.  At we have a great range of cars and prices you will appreciate.  We look forward to hearing from you and making your Gold Coast visit, like the beaches, very special.

It’s all the things that normally happen on many beaches around the world.  Gold Coast beaches are different – they are champagne quality.  Surfers Paradise beach was voted one of the world’s best beaches and won the 2005 ‘Keep Australia Beautiful’ Best Beach award.

With all that use, how do the beaches look so good and stay so clean??  It’s done through Nature given a helping hand. It’s not the sun – though there’s plenty of that.   Wind is part of the answer.

Sand on the Gold Coast surf beaches constantly moves from north to south. This scouring removes some debris in the process and cleans some of the sand.  However, it is the Gold Coast Council which is Nature’s behind-the-scenes ‘helper’ that mechanically sweeps and grooms 36 km of beach sand every night of the year and removing any remaining visible rubbish.

The Council has been systematically widening the dune areas along the most popular beaches to increase the beach size and act as a protection against storm damage.  They have also created an offshore reef to surf quality and stabilize erosion.  Wave transported sand is returned from southern beach to the northern beaches.

This all means sand quantity and quality on Gold Coast beaches is outstanding.

Beach goers are encouraged to thoughtfully dispose of their rubbish in the conveniently located bins or to take it home with them.  The Council regularly empties the bins so overflows and smells are avoided.  Council workers clean the toilets hourly, 365 days of the year, keeping the precinct fresh and welcoming..

Beach contests are normally held well away from the safety flag areas.  Commonsense rules apply to holiday-makers behavior so everyone can enjoy their beach holiday in safety.

So now you know why you can have confidence in the Gold Coach beaches.  The best way to confirm this is to book your holiday on the Gold Coast and find out for yourself.

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