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Extreme Sports on the Gold Coast

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Experience the Extreme Sports on the Gold Coast with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

Experience the Extreme Sports on the Gold Coast with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

Are you a serious adrenaline junkie? For an adventure holiday that will get your blood pumping through your veins, you just can’t go past the famous Gold Coast in Queensland. Pack your bags and get ready to experience the extreme sports and non-stop thrills offered on the coast!

There are many Gold Coast extreme sports available for thrill seekers visiting Queensland. Since there’s so much to do so why not take advantage of our car hire Gold Coast Airport and arrange your own schedule to experience the most out of your holiday!

If you have a need to feel wet and wild, go for jet boat ride. Blasting through water, high speed drifting and sliding, 360 degree spins; the driver has all the skills needed to manoeuvre the boat and will exhilarate you once you jump on and hold on tight.

Alternatively, kite surfing is another water activity that’s gaining popularity among the extremes. Get yourself hooked into the kite and feel the waves. If you love outdoor water sports, you will be in for an amazing experience on the Gold Coast with the many varied activities on offer.

Go up in the air and enjoy the ultimate skydiving adventure. Whether it’s a solo or tandem dive, you will be enjoying the speed of free-fall the moment you jump out of the aircraft.

Another option for wind sport excitement is hang gliding. During the flight, you will discover magnificent views of the Gold Coast and natural parks scenery simultaneously. The unbelievable feelings of flying like a bird and floating in the sky are unforgettable.

Abseiling and rock climbing are challenging sports for the adventurous. Physically and mentally, it tests both your strength and endurance. As you abseil or rock climb in the vertical world, you will find yourself enjoying the fabulous surroundings of natural cliffs and mountains.

How good are your driving skills? Test yourself and get behind the wheel of a World Rally Champion vehicle with the WRX experience. Be thrilled as you steer your vehicle and slide your way in the gravel circuit with sharp corners.

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