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Brisbane in Queensland, is one of the worlds liveliest cities, a blend of modern lifestyle and scenic beauty makes a perfect balance. From the riverside a breath taking city view, along with rich cultural heritage attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. With an endless number of things to do and places to visit your vacation will not be dull for a moment. Go wherever you need to easily with cheap Brisbane car rental and enjoy all the activities you plan.

For families and individuals alike Brisbane is a great city to enjoy a relaxed holiday. Explore the rich architecture and it’s history, or nature trails and even wildlife sanctuaries, there’s plenty to do.

Night or Day you will find Brisbane city full of life. So getting bored is not an excuse. City tours start at an important city landmark called St georges square. Discover the Brisbane museum, City hall and the citys many other historic buildings from here.

Breath taking panoramic views can be enjoyed with a short drive to the Willian Joy Bridge. Look at the city skyline from here, popular with tourists. Similarly exciting views can also be enjoyed along the brisbane river.

There are many restaurants and cafes in the city where you can taste dishes and have a good time tasting food from around the world. Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is a great destination for lovers of live music also. You will find some top venues and entertainment there.

Take a trip to the nearby towns of the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise after you are done exploring brisbane city. With the option of travelling by ferries or buses you can explore nearby areas easily. But hiring a car gives you the flexibility to visit areas of interest on your own comfort and convenience.

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  • 2010/05/26
    10:15 pm

    Explore City Of Brisbane with Car Hire…

    Located in Queensland, Brisbane is one of the liveliest cities of the world, with the perfect blend of modern lifestyle and scenic beauty. The breath taking view of the city by the riverside and its rich cultural heritage allures every tourist visiting…

    – Anonymous