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Travel to Adrenaline Park with our Gold Coast car rental service.

Travel to Adrenaline Park with our Gold Coast car rental service.

Adrenaline Park, located in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, boasts a large selection of thrilling, heart-pumping thrill-rides designed to increase the pulse rate of the people game enough to try them.

Adrenaline Park has the oldest bungy jump located on the Gold Coast. The bungy jump is equivalent to 14 storeys high and taking the leap is regarded to be a rite of passage in Surfers Paradise.

On the same block is the Flycoaster, which is a free-fall attraction like no others.

The Flycoaster is extreme ride combining high-adrenalin thrills with uncompromising safety standards. Riders are raised to a height of 60 meters and then dropped in an exhilarating arc, all the while being supported by a large number of support cables attached to the main tower.

The Slingshot is where passengers are propelled over 100 metres in the air, at speeds of over 160 kms per hour. The slingshot is powered by a special spring propulsion system made up of 720 specially designed springs.

The Vomatron is best described as a giant propeller with seats at each end! The Vomatron  is very similar to the centrifuge used by astronauts except it is mounted vertically. It is powered by 2 massive motors that rotate the mammoth 40 meter arm at speeds of more than 120 kms per hour, sending the capsules into extreme spins, generating close to 4gs of force. Just when the riders thing the ride is over, the Vomatron is then put into reverse!.

Adrenaline Park is located at the corner of Corner of Cypress and Palm Avenue in Surfers Paradise and can easily be reached with our quality Gold Coast car rental vehicles.

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