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Dreamworld – the “big six”

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Travel to Dreamworld with our cheap car rentals Gold Coast service.

Travel to Dreamworld with our cheap car rentals Gold Coast service.

On your vacation? Fantastic. Destination of the day? Dreamworld! It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling with family or friends; once you step into the leading ride theme park on the Gold Coast, you will be in for an action-packed adventure!

As Australia’s both favourite and largest theme park, Dreamworld offers a range of exciting rides to suit all ages. Other than the Family Rides for younger fun seekers and the Kids Rides which cater for toddlers, the irresistible thrill rides have proved themselves as the most popular rides of all.

While at the Gold Coast, Dreamworld is a must on your list of places-to-visit. Find yourself cheap car rentals on the Gold Coast and give yourself the luxury of being able to arrive faster and leave when you please, not having to wait for buses or taxis. Yes, these rides are meant to excite and they are known as the ‘Big Six’.

Ever imagine yourself as a motorbike racer? You can experience a rush of adrenaline by getting behind a full size replica Moto GP race bike – Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster. Want a ride that you’ll never forget? The world’s tallest free-falling ride – the Giant Drop will let you enjoy the view from the top and then experience a drop of 120-metres within seconds.

If you feel a need for speed, Tower of Terror is the ride for you. Be a passenger on one of the fastest rides in the world where it accelerates to 160 kph in seven seconds. The fourth of the Big Six is The Claw. Be prepared to scream as you get swung back and forth like a pendulum with your feet dangling off the edge. Wipeout has been known by many as one of the scariest rides at the park, spinning and tumbling you upside down as if you are a gymnast. Last but not least, the Cyclone, a high-speed gravity rollercoaster, letting you fly through the sky while you somersaulting into loops.

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