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Travel to Draculas Theatre Restaurant with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Travel to Draculas Theatre Restaurant with our Gold Coast car hire service.

For a truly unique dining experience, you simply must make visit to the Draculas Theatre Restaurant on the Gold Coast. Located at Hooker Boulevard Broadbeach, it is one of the oldest restaurants on the Gold Coast.

Discover gothic rock opera, a fast paced comedy show and creative insanity at the Gold Coast’s best theatre restaurant.

Draculas Theatre Restaurant on the Gold Coast is open from Mondays to Saturdays. Since the shows tend to finish at roughly 10:30pm, we recommend you book our Gold Coast car hire service to make your trip home a breeze.

Draculas have recently premiered a new show called “Vampirates”, where the costumes are lavish, the comedy is jet black and the acts are a feast for the senses, all set to a very rocking song list that.

Get prepared for mind bending optical illusions and hilarious comedy routines. Dracula delves into the high-camp world of Vampire Pirates in this music production filled with loads of puppets, mime, magic and rock music.

One of the many unique features of the restaurant is the Ghost train ride. Draculas also has a photo gallery and a horror gift shop, where one can buy a large number of photographs and items related to horror films. This amazing theatre restaurant also holds a huge number of workshops, where both children and adults can learn how to make masks and other sppoky articles.

The food at the Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant is exceptionally unique and inventive. You can indulge in the numerous types of cocktails and alcoholic drinks in the Graveyard Bar.

Draculas Theatre Restaurant is one of the largest attractions on the Gold Coast and is surely worth seeing at least once.

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