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Travel to Draculas Haunted House with our Surfers Paradise car hire service.

Travel to Draculas Haunted House with our Surfers Paradise car hire service.

Promising to freak out everyone on the Gold Coast, the people behind Draculas have opened the spooky and creaky doors to their Haunted House.

Draculas Haunted House is most ambitious tourist attraction in Surfers Paradise in quite a while, with an entire building undergoing a huge scale “house haunting”.

Sculptors, scenic artists and animation technicians have turned the entire building interior into Australia’s largest and most unique walk through attraction,that will surely scare the pants off you! (hopefully not literally)

The Haunted House takes its fearless victims on a mind-bending adventure through five storeys of pure spine-chilling action, including labyrinths of spooky passages, a museum of weird collectibles, heart-pumping dare doors, leaping monsters and state-of-the-art special effects.

The Haunted House supplies you with an amazing interactive adventure through spooky comedy satire with attractions featuring deadly Australian animals and following a tongue-in-cheek local theme.

Challenging all that who enter to face their phobias, guests of the Haunted House are initially welcomed by the Mayor of the Gold Coast Underworld, before coming across Zombie Meter Maids, a shark savaged Surf Lifesaver, a huge Funnel Web Spider and a White Pointer Shark.

Other creepy levels include the Carnival of Freaks Museum, where guests can stroll through at their own pace and discover a weird and hysterical selection of horror memorabilia, oddities and optical illusions. Some of the other levels are the Vampire Lair, Mirror Maze and Phobia Level.

Draculas Haunted House also boasts a photo lab, spooky souvenir shop and a Dracula’s theatre ticket desk.

Draculas Haunted House is located at 3177 Surfers Paradise Blvd in Surfers Paradise, making a trip there with one of our Surfers Paradise car hire vehicles quite easy.

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