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Discover The XXXX Brewery Tour

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Travel to the XXXX Brewery Tour with our Brisbane car rental service.

Take a trip to the XXXX Brewery Tour with our Brisbane car rental service.

XXXX means beer in Queensland! Now you might be wondering ‘how did such an iconic brew get this name’? Or perhaps you want to do something a little different, taste the range of quality beers on offer and have a fun time? Then make sure you pay a visit to the XXXX Brewery Tour.

Discover the inner happenings of this heritage brewery, learn about the story of beer and gain an insight into the 130 years of history of this Queensland icon.

With the Brewery tour lasting roughly about one hour and 15 minutes, your adventure starts inside the XXXX House Visitor Centre, where you will learn the origins of beer and brewing and the colourful history of XXXX beer and its place in Queensland history.

Gain an insight into the inner happenings of the XXXX Brewery as you stroll through the heart of the heritage-listed site, learning about the raw ingredients of the beer and the processes that make all the beers.

In the Packaging Hall, you will discover the Australia’s largest single packaging line, what other brewery anywhere in the world lets you get this close to the real production line action! There is something quite magical about thousands of bottles of beer flying past!

Learn to pour the perfect beer and then taste it like an expert brewer and then relax in the bar and enjoy their famous beers, all brewery-fresh!

Located only a short drive from the center of Brisbane city centre and easily accessible with our Brisbane car rental service, the XXXX Ale House offers you a brewery tour that is truly interactive, a restaurant and bar that are both unique and a true XXXX experience in the beer oriented gift shop.

Whether you’re a beer fan or not, you will surely enjoy your beer journey, all while learning interesting facts about the ancient brew and the colourful history of XXXX beer brand.

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