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David Fleay Wildlife Park

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Travel to the David Fleay Wildlife Park with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Travel to the David Fleay Wildlife Park with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Experience a wildlife animal park with a difference! Tucked away in the secluded bushland of Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the David Fleay Wildlife Park is home to lots of native flora and fauna.

At the David Fleay Wildlife Park, animals are housed in enclosures that are quite similar to their own natural habitats. Discover local native animals, as well as threatened animal species that are rarely seen in the wild.

The Wildlife Park is dedicated to Dr David Fleay, who happened to be the first person to breed platypus successfully. The park has a very long tradition of being able to breed and showcase our native animals.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) manages the David Fleay Wildlife Park and runs it as an environmental education facility, basically to draw the attention of community regarding wildlife and the need of conservation.

Upon entry to the David Fleay Wildlife Park, you will receive an animal presentation schedule and a map to help you schedule out your day. You have the option of attend these informative presentation sessions around the park or you can just walk around the park at your own pace.

The David Fleay Wildlife Park plays a very important role in highlighting Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service’s conservation efforts and initiatives, particularly in regards to threatened native species. With many threatened species at the Park for research, breeding and education, the park has the greatest opportunity to see a large number of threatened native species in one convenient location.

Explore a diverse range of threatened wildlife, as you stroll through the gentle green rainforest, showcasing large cassowaries and Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos.

With a visit to the Nocturnal House, you can see some of the most unusual native wildlife, from the endangered greater bilby of the inland deserts, the magnificent woma python, the Julia Creek dunnart and a day out would not be complete without seeing the cute platypuses feeding on their diet of crayfish and worms.

Guided walks are definitely a highlight with knowledgeable rangers being able to describe the surrounding native plants and wildlife on display. Night spotlighting tours can also be booked.

David Fleay Wildlife Park is a short 10km drive from the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Book a hire car today with our Gold Coast car hire service and get there without the headaches of public transport.

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