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Travel to the Currumbin Rock Pools with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service service.

Travel to the Currumbin Rock Pools with our car hire Gold Coast Airport service service.

Frolic around and enjoy a good swim at the Currumbin rock pools on the Gold Coast; where you’ll discover crystal clear mountain waters, warm sun-kissed smooth rocks & a much welcoming shade when it gets too hot. It’s surely a great way to spend some time on a tropical Gold Coast summer day.

The Currumbin rock pools is a very popular place and family favourite during summer, but with the Gold Coast’s temperate climate, the rock pools make an exciting and pleasurable day out every day of the year!

At the west end of the Rock Pools, the pools themselves are surrounded by big, level boulders to create an ideal deck to catch some of the sun’s rays! A huge range of flat, gently sloping rocks provides an ideal playground for kids to adventure around.

Everyone will simply enjoy the spa-like mini water rapids, where creek water bubbles happily over smooth rock faces.

With its crystal-clear mountain spring water, the deeper parts of the eastern end make for a great swimming lagoon and an ideal spot for a swim in Gold Coast’s warmer months of the year.

There are also a few popular launching points that locals used to jump off the tops of the rocks into the deep clear waters below.

The Currumbin rock pools are also a great place for a relaxing picnic lunch, boasting several sheltered picnic tables, which have been placed strategically to take advantage of the tall shady gum trees and towering pines.

The large, grassy areas next to the Currumbin rock pools make for a perfect space for a family game of cricket or a place for the kids to simply around run around.

To reach the rock pools, your drive will consist of a picturesque, relaxing drive through the dense, green Currumbin Valley and into the mountains where the Currumbin Creek starts. It is an short and easy drive when you take advantage of our car hire Gold Coast Airport service.

This one small area of the Gold Coast offers an absolute smorgasbord of sights and activities to keep even the most fussy tourist and family occupied for a full day of fun in the sun!

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