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Travel around with our Car Hire Surfers Paradise service.

Travel around with our Car Hire Surfers Paradise service.

When you arrive in Surfer’s Paradise, it’s best to utilise our car hire Brisbane services whilst at the airport and drive the hour to Surfer’s Paradise. Having your own car will give you the freedom and flexibility you desire as you explore this beautiful area of Queensland.

While there is an excellent bus system or you could hire a taxi having your own car gives you the freedom to come and go as you wish and to take in everything at your own speed.

Hiring a car, ensures that you can carry your own items with you. That is, if you plan to surf (this is Surfer’s Paradise, after all), and you have your own board, you can pop it on the car and head to the beach. If you take the bus, you might end up renting your board, which also works, but might not be the way you want to do things.

The advantage of hiring a car and having a bit more control over your own transportation is that you can head to the beach in the morning and Sea World in the afternoon, all on your own timetable.

If you’re staying in a hotel, it might be helpful to know that many offer free parking. You’ll pay for valet parking in most cases but you’ll maintain the freedom that’s so desirable on on holiday.

Best of all, if you plan to stay overnight in more than one location in Surfer’s Paradise, you can easily load up your car, and head to the next location. If you are relying on bus or taxi transportation (the most expensive option), packing up and heading to the next location is much more of a hassle and usually much more cramped!

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