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Travel to Burleigh Heads National Park with our Gold Coast car rental service.

Travel to Burleigh Heads National Park with our Gold Coast car rental service.

Located in the centre of the action-packed Gold Coast, the Burleigh Heads National Park provides a haven where walkers and wildlife can find tranquility together. See remnants of volcanic activity from the past, old rainforest and Aboriginal culture all of which are protected in the park.

When you walk down the park trails, you will also observe fringing mangroves, windswept tussocks or an open forest. You can also stroll to the top of Big Burleigh and be rewarded with a splendid bird’s eye view of the northern seascape.

A very popular trail for walking is the Ocean View walk. This is a 1.2kilometer track running around the rocks of the Tallebudgera Creek headland through to the Burleigh Heads township at its southern edge. As you walk You will see the masses of six-sided basalt columns tumbled onto on abother. You can also stop and relax next to the river at Echo Beach.

The mangroves of the Burleigh Heads National Park showcase a haven of wildlife right in the middle of the bustling city. On the headland, it is not uncommon to stumble across brush turkeys, brahminy kites, sea eagles and some fruit-eating birds. You might even see a few koalas that remain in the area!

Discover the park’s lush vegetation and scenery along the walking tracks. It is suggested that you tackle the tracks in a clockwise direction. Remember to wear a hat and apply sunscreen as it can get quite hot. Also make sure your stay on the track and you don’t want to harm any of the fragile vegetation.

To reach the Burleigh Head National Park from Surfers Paradise, simply drive south along the Gold Coast Highway to Burleigh Heads. The drive is quite easy and with the help of our Gold Coast car rental service, you will be there in a snap.

So make sure you visit this famous national park; it is an experience you won’t be able to forget. Where else can you discover a winding trail through ancient mangroves, encompassing a climb up through rainforest that overlooks the ocean all whilst tracking a creek right to its very mouth?

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