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Kick Back & Relax at Bribie Island

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Travel to Bribie Island with our Brisbane car rental service.

Journey to Bribie Island with our Brisbane car rental service.

Covered in beautiful sunshine for good part of the year, Bribie Island is the perfect holiday spot for people wanting something a little different from the norm. Remember those family holidays spent by a perfect golden sandy beach, tranquil blue water and buying locally caught fish and chips for lunch? Bribie Island still offers visitors all of this and much much more.

Because Bribie Island is protected by Queensland Environmental, National and Marine Parks, over 80% of Bribie Island will remain untouched and undeveloped to ensure the peaceful serenity will remain for future generations to enjoy.

As Bribie Island is the only Queensland island connected to the mainland by a bridge, it is easily accessible to all holiday-makers and day-trippers and is only a pleasant 45 minute drive from the Brisbane airport with the Cut Price Car Rentals Brisbane car rental service. Offering unlimited kilometres, liablily cover, local tourist maps and local airport delivery, you will be hard pressed to find a more quality and affordable car hire service in Brisbane!Bribie Island is home to a fantastic range of wildlife – dolphins, dugongs and turtles swim in the calm waters of the Pumicestone Passage with the splendid Glass House Mountains in the background. Over 300 bird species visit Bribie Island each year, nesting in the trees along the shoreline and foraging along the sand flats. Kangaroos and emus signtings are a regular occurence on the local golf course and the odd dingo may be seen along the National Park beaches.

Since a large majority of Bribie Island is covered in forest, it offers a peaceful spot for visitors and boasts many stunningly gorgeous places to go picnicking or 4WD driving. Glowing blue water, clean golden beaches, and great fishing are just a few things that people can indulge in when holidaying at Bribie Island.

There is definitely something for everyone at Bribie Island, with boating, fishing and bird watching, just to name a few. You can learn how to surf at the local surf school or you can simply enjoy the surf view.

Fresh local seafood is definitely one of the popular menu favourites of the Bribie restaurants. A delicious seafood feast mixed with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean make Bribie Island a beautiful place for celebrating special occasions.

Unlike the other Moreton Bay islands, Bribie Island also has a rich history in both social and military. The island was used by the Australian army and navy during World War 2 to defend the entrance to Brisbane, which led to the building of Fort Bribie. Original World War II bunkers and gun emplacements placed along the ocean foreshore are still on show today.

All in all, Bribie Island is worth a visit at least once in a life time.

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