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Get Lost At The Bellingham Maze

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Travel to Bellingham Maze with our Brisbane car rental service.

Get lost at the Bellingham Maze with our Brisbane car rental service.

The Bellingham Maze is a very unique tourist attraction on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, located amongst a thriving tropical environment, with its big, star-like shaped hedge maze. Its unusual layout makes it quite rare and unique among the mazes around the world. The Bellingham Maze was created with the help of over 1,000 planted trees and is the only maze of its type located in Australia.

Bellingham Maze is located on the Tanawha Tourist Drive and is in close proximity to the other Sunshine Coast tourist attractions, including the Super Bee Honey Farm, Ettamogah Pub, The Big Pineapple and the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast. With no public transport in sight, out Brisbane car rental service is a must have! After progressing into the Maze through a waterfall, you’ll wonder through a small tropical garden before you reach the hedge maze. Once you find yourself inside the maze, your mission is to walk to the centre and find the hidden fountain, but be sure to watch out for all the dead ends!

On top of the fantastic hedge maze, there is also a small tyre maze, rope maze and two tile puzzle mazes that give your brain quite a workout! There are a range of metal and wooden brainteaser puzzles located in the cafe and the puzzle shop offers a large range of puzzles for sale.

The Bellingham Maze also contains a picnic area and a massive walk-through bird aviary containing close to 100 stunning birds. You will also find Snow White and her cottage and a challenge to find the seven dwarves.

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