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Travel to the Australian Outback Spectacular with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Travel to the Australian Outback Spectacular with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Experience the Spirit of the real Aussie Outback with the Australian Outback Spectacular, where R.M.Williams presents his 23 million dollar ‘dinner show extravaganza’.

This permanent show attraction located on the Gold Coast is hosted in a huge 1000 seat arena, with a large cast of larger than life characters and incredible animals.

The Australian Outback Spectacular is unique and the first show of its kind in Australia that captures the spirit of the Australian Outback, with stunning visual displays and sheer energy. The giant arena echoes with the thundering sounds of Australian stock horses every night, as an action-packed, exciting performance unfolds before your eyes.

During the one and half hours of extravagant audio and visual effects, the arena is filled with Outback inspired music, action and drama performed by an impressive cast, astonishing animals and fantastic scenes with wild horses featuring, stampeding bulls, outback vehicles and outstanding stunts.

While the action unfolds in front of your eyes, you will be served a 3-course Australian BBQ dinner, drinks and a free Stockman’s Hat as a special souvenir of the evening!

The tradition of bush storytelling and poetry around the campfire is a very old one; so lose yourself in a special campfire version of Waltzing Matilda and our national epic.

You will find yourself completely surrounded by the spirit and grandeur of the Aussie Outback from the moment you step through the door. You can also pull up a bar stool at the Aussie pub and have a cold one before you head into the show.

You will find the Australian Outback Spectacular in Oxenford, easily accessible from the Pacific Motorway. It is only 20 minute drive from the hotels and accommodation of Surfers Paradise, making this a breeze with our Gold Coast car hire service.

Discover the heart, soul and spirit of the Australian Outback with an amazing adventure and a memorable holiday highlight.

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