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Once you step out of the airport, you will need to know where to go if you want to visit the top tourist attractions. For this, you’ll need transportation first.
You can apply for a rental car or simply go for a taxi. A taxi may be more expensive if you plan on going to places so we suggest renting a car for the week. The top companies for car rental include AVIS, Hertz, and budget. You can rent some cars from $30 up to $100, depending on what your needs are. If you need a van, it is likely to cost you more but at least you won’t have the problem of booking a taxi van or flagging one
Brisbane is known for its many country life adventures and beautiful rivers. The city of Brisbane is abundant with restaurants, nightly entertainment, bars, laneways within the city, and is one of Australia’s top visited cities in the area. You can visit amusement parks or even stroll through some of their finest parks, filled with nature and exotic animals. Arranging a car hire in Brisbane is a great idea with so much to do, you’ll be amazed.

The fresh atmosphere surrounds you once you get off the plane. During your stay, you can visit some of the top bars and restaurants along the lovely Story Bridge. You can even enjoy some entertainment by going to visiting the Valley as there are many music exhibitions there.
The energy of Brisbane boosts our desire to venture outdoors and admire the nature around us. The beaches are pristine, with glittering sea water just beneath the sun. Brisbane is known for its high mountains and lush rainforests that seem to take over the area. If you are someone who likes to go hiking or bird watching, the rainforest is a perfect pick for you. Every time you visit Brisbane, you’ll notice that the landscape seems to change each year from the seasons that pass by. One year you could be surrounded by the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays, with butterflies flying past you while the next you could feel a slight chill from the oncoming autumn season.
In the East of Brisbane, you’ll find an aquatic playground over at Moreton Bay where you can have face to face encounters with different creatures and animals. Be sure to bring your kids on this wild experience. If you want, you can head on over to the World Heritage National Parks which is located in the Scenic Rim area. Here there is much to do and it only takes an hour to get there when driving from Moreton Bay.
The capital, Queensland is known for its special culture and many of the tourists will often come here. This is because they have plenty of restaurants that fill the area. If you want to wine and dine, Queensland is the place to go. You can also wander around on foot to explore the beautiful city and pass some of the bridges or walkways that they have. Each river usually has a bridge which sits directly over it, allowing you to take in the view and get some fresh air while you’re at it.

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